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There’s nothing like getting some positive reinforcement! Check out the wonderful things our clients have to say. Please feel free to submit your own testimonial below for future use in our promotional materials.

I cannot say enough good things about Jenny and her technique. I have had dogs all of my life and worked with many trainers, but she is by far the best. She really understands dog behavior and taught me how to address issues like aggression and anxiety in my dogs. She is creative in her approach and really listens to my concerns. I would highly recommend her to anyone and especially for dogs with issues. One of our dogs Hank had aggression issues and had bitten a few people. Since working with Jenny I have not seen any aggression in Hank. Our other dog Pepper is a border collie mix and Jenny has come up with some great games and ideas to keep her mind busy. It has been a pleasure working with her.

– Janice, “Hank” and “Pepper” (South Orange, NJ)

Jenny was so helpful when we got our dachshund puppy, Harlow, at just 8 weeks old. Not only did we need to train Harlow, but we had to help our 9 year old dachshund, Ruby, accept her and bond with her. I was also in a very emotional, stressed out state of mind because our other 9 year old dachshund, Lola, had just passed away. Jenny was great. She gave us so many great techniques and tips and gave me peace of mind.. She was very accommodating to my schedule. I am happy to say that Ruby and Harlow get along beautifully now and taking them for walks together has become a pleasure. I definitely recommend Jenny and Give Paw Dog Training.

– Jillian, “Ruby” and “Harlow” (Cranford, NJ)

Jenny has changed our lives! Our dog, Sully, was so incredibly anxious, but we had no idea. We thought it was just him behaving poorly. With her amazing care and training (ours and Sully’s 🙂 he is such a happier guy, and so are we. Jenny is truly amazing at what she does and we are forever grateful.

– Allison and “Sully” (Maplewood, NJ)

We decided to have Jenny by to do some in home training for our new puppy and answer some questions. She is an immensely positive and supportive person. She taught us to read cues, guide our puppy and communicate with her.
We love her approach and were amazed by how much we learned in just one session. Our puppy had fun and is already mastering new tricks.
We will definitely continue to work with her.

– Jaime and “Evie” (South Orange, NJ)

Jenny is AMAZING. So compassionate, clear and direct about how I could help my dog Frances. My highest recommendation for her!

– Emma and”Frances” (South Orange, NJ)

Jenny recently started working with our dog Kayla, who fears so many things, especially strangers. We learned so much from Jenny! She is patient, insightful, and so knowledgable about canine behavior. She has a gifted balance of listening to our needs and giving us clear direction, reminding us along the way to celebrate Kayla’s progress and to stay positive through the set backs. Jenny’s coaching (followed by detailed email recaps of each session) gave me much more knowledge, handling skill, and confidence to work with Kayla on my own as she meets new people. Kayla has made great progress in our first 5 sessions with Jenny, and we are looking forward to more work with her soon!

– Suzanna and”Kayla” (Montclair, NJ)

Jenny introduced me to clicker training, and it has worked wonders with my easily distracted 8-month-old puppy. It helps her focus on us, and makes training a much more positive experience. I’m definitely a visual learner, but Jenny has been able to explain everything to me step-by-step. She’s helped me to both conceptualize the techniques and to understand how they will shape my dog’s overall behavior. Most importantly—she’s helped me to think like a dog! Knowing her patience and dedication, I can’t imagine having a better trainer for my dog.

– Cara and “Rustie” (Chatham, NJ)

Jenny came highly recommended by our vet and my boyfriend and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Our adopted dachshund, Jameson, has high anxiety and would rarely leave our sofa but with Jenny’s help, he has a new sense of confidence and is exploring on his own! Jenny’s techniques are simple to implement and she is super sensitive to our dog’s specific needs. We love Jenny and would certainly recommend her!

– Amanda and “Jameson” (Jersey City, NJ)

Jenny’s brilliant. We had high expectations for Connie, but Jenny showed us how to a) achieve those and b) have even higher ones. Training went from being a chore (and a bit of a minefield where we were sending mixed signals / getting frazzled) to a series of games we all love. At first, dog training seemed $$$. Looking back, Jenny would be a bargain at twice the price. Absolutely essential.

– Annie, Adam, and “Connie” (Prospect Heights, Brooklyn)

When we adopted Chloe, almost a year old, one of us had never had a dog and the other had not had a dog since childhood. The only command Chloe knew was “sit” and she had a few behavioral issues, like herding and chewing. Jenny was great. She helped us address the behavioral issues and taught her several key commands. Chloe was always excited to see Jenny, and we learned some important concepts that will help us in teaching Chloe new skills with the clicker. Jenny followed up each session with a comprehensive email, and was also very responsive if we emailed questions between sessions. We would recommend her to anyone with a new dog, whether puppy or older.

– Anne, Tom, and “Chloe” (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn)

I don’t know what we would have done without Jenny. Even before Gola arrived Jenny came over and gave us the basics we would need to bring our pup home. We were both nervous and she helped us figure out a routine and began “training” us. With every session our pup gets smarter and more alert, and any bad behaviors Jenny has helped us curb rather quickly. Jenny’s enthusiasm and attitude is contagious…she makes us look forward to each session, and her caring makes us feel comfortable asking advice on what may feel like the silliest of questions. When Gola wasn’t sleeping and causing a ruckus in our entire building, Jenny came up with a plan to help relieve her anxiety (and ours).

We’d recommend Jenny and Give Paw to just about anyone we meet, and look forward to more lessons. Thanks Jenny!

-Matt, Amanda, and “Gola” (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

We rescued Luna, a 7 month old terrier mix, last summer, and neither my husband or I had had a dog since childhood.  So we signed up with Jenny for three sessions of “dog-owner training”.  She was great, meeting with us for two sessions in our home and one session at a public park.  Luna loved her (of course) and she introduced us to clicker training methods that worked immediately.  She was patient and in the rare instance where she did not anticipate our questions, she would still have the answer and a training solution.  After each session Jenny followed up with a long email that included specifics about Luna and general training guidelines of the session we had just completed.  Luna is now a happy, well-adjusted, well-behaved dog.  We love her and she loves us.  Jenny’s training helped make that happen.  We would highly recommend this for any new dog owners, and as soon after you get your new pup as possible!

-Jackie, Kevin, and “Luna” (Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn)

We went to Jenny to help us address Mikey’s behavior issues.  Adding another dog to our canine family was quite an adjustment—we read books and online resources to help our newly adopted dog adjust to his new home, but we weren’t sure if this was going to work out.  He was extremely hyper and had never been trained before.Jenny gave us helpful tips and exercises and Mikey’s about-face amazed us.  He became the dog he always wanted to be. He just needed some encouragement and guidance.  During the training we learned to be more patient and accept Mikey with all his personality.  He’s our angel.

-Emily, Dustin, “Olive” and “Mikey” (Midtown West, Manhattan)

Thank you for all of your help. As a result of our work with you, Ozzie now has a great foundation for continued good behavior and responsiveness. Also, and perhaps most importantly, I think we’ve been able to preempt any possible problem behaviors early on! Besides providing us with solutions to keep Ozzie on the right track, you also gave us incredibly helpful tips and suggestions for helping him adjust to his new home. He’s doing great and we are grateful!

– Sarah, Laura, and “Ozzie” (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

This training was great for us, being new dog owners. We will recommend her to anyone we can.

– Adam, Dave, and “Elphie” (Midtown West, Manhattan)

Hi Jenny, I just wanted to thank you again for coming to Janeen’s house to work with Snoopy and Connor. Everyone was so encouraged by your way of training and how well the dogs were responding. We look forward to seeing you soon!

– Jeff, Janeen, “Snoopy”, and “Connor” (Midtown East, Manhattan)

I’ve used Jenny and I can’t recommend her highly enough. My husband and I were having behavior issues with our “energetic” Jack Russell and found Jenny/Give Paw online. Jenny is very professional, patient and her solutions make perfect sense. I like her big picture approach, which takes the owners’ behavior into consideration, and the way she always follows up with an email after the training sessions.

– Bridget, Ryan, and “Frankie” (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Jenny gave us the necessary tools to have a wonderful relationship with our dog, Nikita. Each lesson Jenny was always patient and gave her full attention to our doggie needs and provided actionable solutions to any issue we were dealing with. We also enjoyed all the follow-up emails she sent after each lesson highlighting what was discussed.

Because we noticed how Nikita was so receptive with the dog training we plan on continuing with more lessons in the near future. Give Paw is great!

– Luis, Janelle, and “Nikita” (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

Unlike many of her other clients, I hired Jenny to work with my dog when she was already 3 years old. Bella, my dog, is a pit bull who was rescued from an abusive situation. She has always exhibited aggression towards other dogs and fear of strangers at the door, but lately her behavior was becoming more problematic. I am so thankful that I found Jenny! She has experience with these types of issues, including with her own dog Lucy and was incredibly patient, knowledgeable and positive as she worked with us. Bella will never be a perfect dog, but her behavior has noticeably improved since we started working with Jenny and continues to do so as I practice the techniques I learned. Jenny helped make both my life and Bella’s life less stressful. Not only does she know a lot about dog behavior and training, but she has a wonderful, upbeat personality as well!

– Laura and “Bella” (Tribeca, Manhattan)

Alison went above and beyond in helping us train our puppy, Sophie. She was dealing with separation anxiety, leash aggression, and excessive barking. Alison took the time to really examine her and her behaviors and give us multiple, inexpensive options to help rectify her mannerisms. Now, Sophie is happier and healthier thanks to Alison and we are so thrilled to her thriving! Thank you, Give Paw!

– Emily and “Sophie” (Park Slope, Brooklyn)

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