Specialties: Puppy Manners, Adult Basic Manners, Behavior Modification

Services: In-Person Training In Portions of New Jersey & Virtual Online Dog Training Across The United States

  • Certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA)
  • Certified by renowned dog behavior expert and author, Pat Miller (PMCT-3)
  • Veterinarian and Veterinary Behaviorist Recommended
  • Training professionally since 2006
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Jenny owes a huge part of her success as a dog trainer to her late pit bull mix, Lucy. In the ten years they spent together, Lucy gave Jenny an education on what it truly means to be a kind, gentle, and effective leader. Jenny made learning fun for Lucy and continues to do that for her current dog, Josie. Her methods are humane and based on the science of learning.

Jenny’s background includes many years of volunteer work with shelters and rescue groups and she even worked for the corporate division of the ASPCA. She’s spent over a decade training dogs in private lessons and group classes. She’s studied with many of the leading animal behavior experts of today, including graduating at the top of her classes when she studied with renowned trainer and author, Pat Miller of PEACEABLE PAWS . Jenny’s experience is extensive. She can help you with teaching your puppy basic manners or help you tackle your dog’s anxiety or aggression problems. She is recommended by veterinarians and veterinary behaviorists in the local Tri-State area.


Specialties: Puppy Manners, Adult Basic Manners, Behavior Modification

Service Areas: Portions of Brooklyn, NYC & Manhattan, NYC

  • Certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA)

Alison has loved animals her entire life.  As a child she brought home a cornucopia of beings to care for, and her gracious mother obliged.  Her one wish was to be able to communicate with animals, and she was thrilled to discover that dog training and animal behavior studies are based in that interspecies communication.  Diving in completely, Alison has worked in the last 17 years as a dog groomer, veterinary technician, kennel and day care employee, dog walker, pet sitter and now has found her passion in dog training.  Her interest in animal behavior was also inspired by her greyhound rescue, Bella.  She is patient with shy and fearful dogs and with all animals who are learning what it means to be in the world of human beings.  She has formally studied dog training with Jenny Chun and her colleague, Rikke Brogaard and is fully committed to using only the most ethical force free means to train.  Her favorite published trainers include Pat Miller and Patricia McConnell.  Alison has lived in Brooklyn for ten years now and it is her home.  She hopes to continue learning and teaching how we can best reside with these amazing and devoted friends.


Specialties: Puppy Manners, Adult Basic Manners, Behavior Modification

Service Areas: Portions of Brooklyn, NYC & Manhattan, NYC

  • Certified by the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA)IMG_2784

To put it simply, Michael loves dogs. He has provided dog walking and pet care services throughout the New York City area for over 10 years and has
enjoyed every moment of it. Through the years of running a dog walking service, Michael met a lot of different dog trainers and witnessed many different methods of training. He quickly realized that positive reinforcement was clearly the way to go. Michael truly believes that this more gentle and effective way of training, as opposed to using corrections and aversive punishment, makes the process fun for everyone. He believes that one of the many reasons positive reinforcement dog training is so amazing is because it creates such a strong bond between dog and owner. This process creates a relationship based on playful interaction, trust, and encouragement.

Michael has studied extensively with Jenny Chun and her colleague, Rikke Brogaard. He says about his time learning with Jenny and Rikke and about his dog training career, “I was very fortunate to study with these two trainers and be able to further my knowledge of dog training under them. It is such a positive feeling to be able to improve the relationship (and thus improve the lives) between dogs and owners.  It is the one occupation that I can truly say becomes more rewarding with each day. I have formed wonderful relationships with dogs and owners during my time training dogs. I look forward to each day and every new experience my future as a dog trainer brings.


Virtual online dog training and behavior counseling is available in English and is offered across the United States and beyond.

In-home private dog training services are available in these select areas of New Jersey: South Orange, Maplewood, Millburn, Summit, Short Hills, Madison, Chatham, Berkeley Heights, and Morristown. If you do not see your town listed, please contact us to inquire. Services are also available in select areas of Manhattan and Brooklyn. Please inquire about your specific neighborhood.

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