Dog training services are available in these select areas of New Jersey: South Orange, Maplewood, Montclair, Bloomfield, Glen Ridge, Verona, Millburn, Summit, Short Hills, Madison, Chatham, West Orange, Livingston, Springfield, Westfield, Union, and Cranford. If you do not see your town listed, please contact us to inquire.


A completely customizable education for you and Fido

The In-Home Private Training Program is designed to address a variety of issues, including but not limited to:

  • Manners training for puppies and adult dogs, which includes behavior cues: “Sit”, “Down”, “Give”, “Leave It”, “Stay”, “Come”, and others upon your request
  • Excessive Barking
  • Chewing and Nipping
  • Destruction
  • Separation Anxiety (Home Alone Issues)
  • Resource Guarding (Possessiveness of Items)
  • Fear or Shyness
  • Housetraining
  • Leash Walking

Initial consultations are one and a half hours and subsequent sessions are an hour each. You can choose to go session by session or take advantage of our lower package rates.

Manners training and enrichment for your dog while you’re at work (Limited availability, please inquire)

If you are a busy individual that would like help training Fido while you’re at work, this program was designed with you in mind. The Doggie Prep School Program acts as a supplement to the In-Home Private Training Program and allows Fido to receive one-on-one attention on a regular basis from his trainer. These one-hour day training sessions give Fido a chance to practice his newly acquired skills regularly.

The Doggie Prep School Program requires you receive a combination of in-home private training lessons and day training (with dog only) lessons. We will help you determine the frequency of each.

An in-home and remote counseling program for separation anxiety

The Home Alone Program was designed for the dog who is having trouble being left by himself. He may bark and become destructive, as well as eliminate indoors whenever he’s left alone. The Home Alone Program is a companion service to In-Home Private Training and is for technologically savvy owners.

This service came about when Give Paw Dog Training worked with a client using Dropcam® technology to monitor their dog and give real-time feedback on behavior via phone. This program requires the client provide remote surveillance technology, whether it be Dropcam® or a video web cam service (i.e. Ustream) that would allow real-time monitoring of Fido’s activities. The owners are also required to participate during these remote sessions.

The Home Alone Program requires you receive a combination of in-home private training lessons and remote lessons.

A single consultation program designed to prepare you for bringing home Fido

“If only I’d known…”

Save yourself from learning from your mistakes. Be prepared before bringing home Fido. Learn how to set up your home and have a plan in place to get off on the right paw. Discussion topics usually include socialization, housetraining, puppy proofing, and daily care routine. However, if you have a question outside of these realms, feel free to ask. This consultation is to make sure your questions are answered before Fido arrives.

This program is ideal for owners expecting puppies as well as adult dogs.

You and your friends create your own group class

If you are interested in teaching your dog manners skills and tricks and you have several friends who are also interested in doing the same, we can work with you to form a semi-private group class in one of your homes or at a public park at an affordable rate.

This option is only available for manners and tricks training, not for behavior consultations for issues such as anxiety or aggression.


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