Home Made Agility In Your Living Room

My friend, Viviane at Pumpkin Pups Dog Training, and I are taking an online class over at Wag It Training on how to do agility with our dogs at home. Because Lucy is now a bit more physically challenged with her age, I’ve decided to take Viviane’s dog, Willow, through the course. Here are videos of our first two assignments.

This first exercise is meant to teach the dog more awareness of her body, particularly with her legs and where they end up. The goal is to get her to step in, over, and in the three boxes.

This second one is meant to help condition the dog to running through a tunnel. Tunnels sometimes have a shoot at the end and the hanging towel mimics that.

Some upcoming homework assignments include teaching the dog to go around an object and to balance on a wobble board.

This is such a nice way to keep your dog entertained, especially during the brutally long and cold winters here in NYC.

More to come…


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