Recent Give Paw Dog Training Grads: Marco, Maxx, and McLovin!

I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate some dogs and their owners that have completed training with me most recently.

Marco gives Jenny a big wet one!

Marco is a Yorkie pup who resides with owners Eugenia and Terry in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn. Eugenia reached out to me during the first month of Marco’s arrival from a breeder because they were having trouble with his puppy nipping and barking. The family cat, Mikhala, was so concerned by Marco’s presence that she hid in another room and refused to come out. Today, Marco has his basic manners down and Eugenia and Terry are happy to report that Mikhala and Marco have developed a nice relationship. Marco still has a lot to learn, but they have a great foundation now.

Squirrels of Prospect Park, watch out! Maxx is here.

Maxx’s owner, Sean, took her in from a rescue organization and they now reside together in South Park Slope, Brooklyn. Maxx is a high energy dog and true to being a terrier, has an intense prey drive. This girl is like the Energizer Bunny, but rather than squashing her spirit, Sean is working to help channel it into appropriate activities. She eats exclusively out of food puzzles as a way to get her to work for her meals. When out training with her, rather than always using a food reward for reinforcing good behavior, I taught Sean to use a furry squeaky toy attached to a string. Maxx is encouraged to stalk, chase, and pounce on it and it really works to keep her motivated. Even though our dog training lessons have ended, I still have the pleasure of taking Maxx to Prospect Park twice a week for regular exercise.

McLovin loves clicker training!

Last, but not least, there’s McLovin (a.k.a. Mickey). Mickey is a smart little French Bulldog that just needed to learn how to focus and his owners Julie and J.P. were willing to do the homework to get the results. The first time we took him out together onto the busy streets of Tribeca, Mickey couldn’t concentrate. We started him off on loose leash walking and did clicker training for basic manners. Today, Mickey is coming along nicely. In fact, I just received this testimonial from them on Yelp:

When our puppy was having housebreaking and leash issues, along with several more challenges, we hired the amazing Jenny.  We couldn’t have asked for anything more.  She was super flexible with our hectic schedule and showed so much dedication, that she stayed past our usual end time at points.

Her knowledge is very impressive as I asked a ton of questions, and Jenny did not skip a single beat!  Her extensive review emails following each session have greatly helped us to keep practicing what we learned.  Our pup has greatly improved and without her wonderful guidance…we’d still be pulling our hair out.

Jenny Chun, CPDT-KA is a dog trainer in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC specializing in helping newly adopted dogs integrate into their new homes.
Contact: || 347-393-9162

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