Dog Training Product Review: Halo Bottle Treat Dispenser

It’s another rainy day in Park Slope, Brooklyn… which means no trip to Prospect Park today. In her older age, Lucy hates even a light drizzle. Thus, it’s the perfect opportunity to test out a new dog training product.

I cannot tell you how much I love food puzzles for dogs. I really regard them more as dog training tools than just toys. Our pups need more excitement in their lives than just spending hours lying on the couch while the humans are out making money all day. My clients have heard me say time and time again, “Food projects are a great way to mentally and physically stimulate your dog.” That’s why I get so excited when new products come on the market!

Today we introduce to you the “Halo Bottle Treat Dispenser” by a company called Contempo. I recently learned about this puzzle from a dog training colleague who works for PetSmart where this item is being sold (maybe even exclusively, I’m not sure). The concept is ingenious. It’s a rubber attachment that fits on any average water bottle thereby turning it into a fun treat dispenser. Some dogs already love crunching on discarded plastic bottles, so I have a feeling it’s going to be a big hit with a lot of pooches out there.

The difficulty level is intermediate when you compare it to the wide range of toys out on the market. The fact that food has to fall through the small opening of a bottle and then find its way through a second hole that’s not at all aligned with the first one makes it a longer lasting brain teaser.

The only downside to this toy is that if your dog is a thrasher, like Lucy, a couple of nice whacks could disconnect the bottle from the attachment.

All in all, for only $8 you can’t really go wrong here. Lucy gives it two paws up!

Jenny Chun, CPDT-KA is a dog trainer in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC specializing in helping newly adopted dogs integrate into their new homes.
Contact: || 347-393-9162

5 thoughts on “Dog Training Product Review: Halo Bottle Treat Dispenser

  1. Hi Give Paw !

    I have had some time to do a little testing with all the new dog toy treat dispensers in the new Contempo line, that is available in PetSmart and have found that if your dog is a “thrasher” the Tessa food and treat dispenser they have in their line is the way to go ! It has been tested from Bouviers to Frenchies and has held up great. It does have a higher price-point than the smaller toys in the line ($15) but the construction and durability has made it so worth it.

    My two little dudes are loving there new toys !

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