Dog Training Basics: Loose Leash Walking

My client, Nadine, has been working really hard with her adolescent Pug, Pixel. Yesterday, we took to the streets of Bay Ridge, Brooklyn to work on the foundational dog training skill of loose leash walking. Just a week ago Pixel was a puller – with nose to the ground hoovering up any debris she could get her mouth on. Look at what a difference a day and some positive reinforcement dog training can make!

Nadine switched Pixel from a traditional back-clip harness to a front-clip harness that discourages pulling (though in the video it doesn’t even look like Pixel even needs a leash on her). We tethered the leash to Nadine’s waist so that she wouldn’t be tempted to use her arms to steer Pixel. After all, she’s a dog, not a car. With leash out of hand, Nadine was able to focus on using her body and voice to encourage Pixel to follow her and whenever Pixel trotted alongside Nadine, rewards rained from the sky. If Pixel pulled, Nadine was asked to either stop and wait for Pixel to release tension on the leash before moving forward or she was to U-turn. Doing an about face meant that Pixel would have to play catch up and that allowed Nadine one or two moments to reward walking on a loose leash.

Nice job, guys!

Jenny Chun, CPDT-KA is a dog trainer in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC specializing in helping newly adopted dogs integrate into their new homes.
Contact: || 347-393-9162

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