“Lucy, would you like a brother?”

…is what I’ve been asking her recently ever since my trainer friend, Viviane, has been fostering a litter of puppies for Sean Casey’s Animal Rescue in Kensington, Brooklyn. Yesterday I got my answer. She does not want a puppy brother… at least not one of these little guys.

I’ve been having a lot of different thoughts on the idea of adding a second dog to the family. Am I ready for more work? Am I selfishly looking for a “perfect dog” that I can do more stuff with? If that’s the case, am I betraying her? Can we do this and still be fair to Lucy, especially now that she’s a senior? More on that some other time…

Meanwhile, here’s a snippet of what happened when Lucy met Buzz:

Jenny Chun, CPDT-KA is a dog trainer in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC specializing in helping newly adopted dogs integrate into their new homes.
Contact: jenny@givepaw.com || 347-393-9162
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/GivePawDogTraining
Twitter: http://twitter.com/GivePaw

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