Brown Needs A New Forever Home

Everyone, meet Brown! He’s an 8-year-old chihuahua mix (our best guess) looking for a new home with a dedicated owner who can help him overcome some challenges. This little cutie’s current owners called me to evaluate him so that a local rescue group, Stray From The Heart, could help place him in a new home appropriate for Brown. Brown is a nervous dog that needs help with building his confidence and unfortunately with a toddler in the house his current owners felt it was more fair and safer for him to live in a quieter environment.

Brown is in need of a home away from the busy city. Currently living in a residential neighborhood of Brooklyn, he loves going for walks. Sniffing is a favorite activity!

Sometimes Brown can be sound sensitive with thunder phobia being one of his issues. Men can also be a little scary for him. Brown also has a fear of erratic foot movements which has led him to bite in the past. We suspect that this is partially due to having been kicked around. He’d originally been rescued from an abusive situation.

Brown needs someone who can put in the effort to gain his trust and uncover the side of him that’s relaxed and playful. During my evaluation, when I was appropriate with my body language, he quickly opened up. He wanted to play, running around with a full on butt wag. However, if I was too forward he would shy away. Fortunately, he gives you a lot of information about how he feels through his body language. His new guardian should learn how to read dog body postures and facial expressions so that they can best advocate for Brown. They should also do training using positive methods.

During my evaluation, Brown demonstrated an eagerness to learn even though he’s never undergone formal training. Using chicken as a reward certainly did not hurt!

Brown would do best with an experienced female owner and definitely needs a home without children. We are unsure of how he’d do in a home with another dog, but he has lived with cats before.

If you’re interested in this little guy, contact his current owner Erica at 917-587-7940 or at Please feel free to pass this post on to any dog savvy people who might like to give this dog a new beginning.


Jenny Chun, CPDT-KA is a dog trainer in Brooklyn and Manhattan, NYC specializing in helping newly adopted dogs integrate into their new homes.
Contact: || 347-393-9162

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