Beautiful Dog Seeks Forever Home Outside Of NYC

I don’t know Alyce or her dog, Devan, but their story was passed onto me by a former client who asked me to kindly spread the word. This is a sad story. I hope that if I ever find myself in a similar situation, that I would be this selfless and do what I thought was right for my dog. Please read Alyce’s message to her friends and family and see photos of Devan below:

My name is Alyce and I live in New York City. After months and months of debating the notion, I realize I have to give my almost 3-year-old dog away. She is very unhappy living in the city and I would love to find a family in the country or suburbs where I know she would feel safe and enjoy a family.

Just to give you a bit of background on her. She is a rescue shepherd mix. I adopted her at 10 weeks old (see puppy pics). She is a very slender 40 pounds, almost looks like she may have some greyhound in her. Very well-behaved is an understatement-she is a model dog with an extremely sweet disposition. She sits on command, doesn’t jump, gives paw, lies down, loves to cuddle, gets along well with all dogs and is great with children (she loves to play). She is also not a dog that barks all the time, just when someone knocks on the door as with most dogs. She has no medical issues and is in perfect health, but does shed being a shepherd mix.

The reason I have to give her away is because of an accident that happened when she was 4 months old.

She got loose from me when I was walking her in Brooklyn and after chasing her in busy traffic for an hour I lost sight of her. After having the police and many folks in NYC looking for her; a cab driver found her on the Brooklyn Queens Expressway. She had been dragged for a little we think from the tire tracks that were on her leash and her leg was fractured. Due to that experience she is extremely nervous walking around the city. Inside my apartment she is completely the opposite, happy, playful, and calm. When I take her to my sister’s home in Cherry Hill, NJ or my parent’s home in the suburbs of Philadelphia, she is the happiest dog you have ever seen.

All I can do is say I love her dearly however that is not enough for her. I tried my best to help her with her fear of the city, but it would be selfish of me to keep her here any longer. This is hard for me, but in my heart I would be happy knowing that she had a family and a yard to run freely and safely.

Everyone that meets my sweet girl falls in love with her. If you are looking for a dog to love, this one will love you a million times back.

Please contact me directly at or call 917-660-1199.


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