Mack Needs A Home!

Meet Mack!

At a July 4th gathering, I met a pit bull rescuer named Rich who needed to find a home for this beautiful dog named Mack. Mack fell into his hands through a police officer who rescued him. She had responded to a 911 call about a “dangerous” pit bull. When she got to the house, it turned out the woman just really wanted to surrender her dog, but didn’t want to do the work herself by taking him to the shelter. The cop took the dog to Animal Care and Control, but just couldn’t shake the thought of him. She decided to go back to pull this friendly pit mix from his cage and bring him home. Now Rich is trying to find him a permanent family.

Rich states that Mack is approximately one to two years old, weighs in at about 45 pounds, is neutered, and is healthy. If interested, please email:

Mack is 45 pounds, neutered, and in good health.


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