Doggie Nicknames (21 Ways I’ve Embarassed Lucy)

Anyone who has worked with me knows that when using a dog’s proper name it’s really important to not connect it with anything negative or to wear it out by repeating it over and over again as your dog ignores you. You risk having your dog learn that his name means a bad experience will occur or that it’s okay to not respond to his name at all because you’ve essentially turned it into white noise. A dog’s proper name is sacred, so I often suggest using nicknames for those times when you just want to indulge in a one way conversation about nothing with your pooch.

I realized how ridiculously creative I’ve gotten with Lucy’s nicknames and thought I’d share. Right off the top of my head I can think of 21 ways I’ve embarrassed her (and most likely in public too!):

Poopiepants, Goosifer, Goose, Lovebug, Monster, Pumpkin, Pumpkinhead, LoveNut, Buttmunch, Cookie Monster, Boo Boo, Boo Boo Cakes, Num Nums, Poopiehead, Lulu Bean, Lulu Bear, Monkey, Monkey Butt, Munchkin, Munchkinland, and Nu Nu Bear

I’d love to hear what odd things you call your dog. Please share by leaving a comment.


9 thoughts on “Doggie Nicknames (21 Ways I’ve Embarassed Lucy)

  1. Bernie Mac
    Bernie Macarena (when we practice heeling and she does a quick forward and back step. looks like a silly dance)
    Agent Banaynay
    Sweet Girl
    Blonde Ambition (when she’s totally jacked and ready to go)

  2. Allie (aka Miss Alabama)
    Allie Bear
    Silly Girl
    Miss Allie

    I notice none of these are nicknames in the sense that they’re shorter than her actual name… Hmmm. Also, I promise they’re all said with a sweet voice. ESPECIALLY the not so sweet ones… it helps lighten my frustration level when she does those little quirky annoying things she does. Like sit in the middle of walks and just look at me. Or walk up the stairs so slowly I can’t get up them myself.

  3. RockStar, RockyRoad, Dumbo, (Buddy, and Baby of course) GoofBall, Im sure there are more that are alluding me right now..

    and they all have their own little side names
    Rascal-Scooby Doo (lab great dane, scared of EVERYTHING but LOVES food)
    Rocky-Scrappy Doo (hes a tough guy and he’s gonna get the big bad scary stuffs)
    Princess-Bam Boo (black and white like a Panda)

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