I’m Dangerous With A Video Camera

In my past life I produced videos. Yes, I held a job that had nothing to do with dogs. In fact, throughout college I worked at a TV station and then post college I spent years associate producing fundraising and documentary videos for UNICEF. Then I found my true calling in life and traded in my video camera for a clicker, treat pouch, and dogs, dogs, dogs. Here and there I’ve taken video of Lucy and other canines with my phone or a sub quality camcorder I had lying around the house, but today I got myself a new toy. Shoot and share HD cameras are all the rage and now I’m armed and dangerous. Be prepared for tons of footage from this dog trainer.

I met this French Bulldog on the subway today. He’s well-behaved, but looks a bit stressed out. Can you spot the body language that indicates that he’s uncomfortable?

This is just an example of what a typical dog that’s tied up outside of a store looks like. He may be partially panting because of the summer heat, but does he really look relaxed to you? Not to me.


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