Follow That Nose! (K9 Nose Work Training)

It is such a great joy to watch a dog use her natural instincts. The new sport of K9 Nose Work allows your dog to have fun seeking items and/or odors with their noses. My dog trainer friend, Rikke, and I recently went to a seminar on this sport and here are some videos of us working with a black Lab named Kayleigh.

What you’re seeing on the videos is basically Rikke holding Kayleigh as I get her interested in the food that I have. Then I run off and hide the pouch full of food in one of the boxes, shuffle the boxes to get her a bit confused, and pretend along the way that I’m tossing bits and pieces in various locations. Rikke then sets Kayleigh free and the moment she finds the item, Rikke jumps in to praise and feed the dog at the location where the treat pouch was hidden.

This was our first time trying K9 Nose Work since coming back from the seminar. It was a blast and Kayleigh LOVED IT! Stay tuned for more to come as we continue to dabble in this.


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