Good Morning, Brooklyn! (And How Does Your Dog Use Her Nose?)

Sun Drenched Trees In Prospect Park

I have an extra large bottle of generic Zyrtec from Costco to thank for my ability to hike through Prospect Park this morning and Lucy, as always, is grateful for generic Benedryl. Both doped up on anti-histamines, we took an extra long walk through the park this AM. Nothing special happened. It was perfect.

"Good Morning, Brooklyn!"

Then on our way home, Lucy started fixating on this car. She does this when she smells something either in it or under it. Sometimes it’s because she’s sniffed out our own parked on the street and she recognizes the scent. Not sure what the heck she was sensing in this particular one. She has found unbelievable things hidden under vehicles though. Once she pulled out a tennis ball. That’s a dog’s nose for ya!

"Is there a pigeon under there?"

"Or a ball? Whatever it is, my nose will sniff it out!"


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