Young Again: The Joy Of Watching Your Older Dog Act Like A Puppy

Lucy enjoys the snow

Lucy enjoys the snow.

Recently we started coming to terms with the fact that Lucy is aging. We approximate her age at 8 years, but who knows how old she really is. She moves a little slower now, has picked up on some “old, crotchety dog” behaviors, and we’ve discussed purchasing doggy steps to make getting on and off furniture a bit less challenging for her. It’s somewhat of a sad realization to look at her and see gray peeking through in her once dark brown eye patches or to watch her hesitate as she tries to climb on the couch to cuddle with us. That is why watching her this morning was so special.

When I stepped outside with her for our first walk of the day, I was anticipating a short outing. Pee, poop, once around the block to avoid the inclement weather. Snow appeared to be  accumulating on the streets of Brooklyn. Today, however, she wanted to explore, sniffing every patch of yellow snow. We actually made it to the park where a large empty field of untouched white powder greeted us. Lucy ran like a young dog, doing her best impressions of a bunny rabbit on speed and doing some of the best recalls I’d ever seen her do. I only wish I’d caught it all on video.

This may not be much to most people, but if you’ve ever had an older dog, I know you appreciate what I felt this morning.


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