Training Your Dog To Accept A Muzzle

Sometimes a muzzle is necessary to prevent your dog from causing harm. Perhaps your dog has  a bite history to people or to other dogs and you don’t feel secure walking him outside on leash without making sure his knives are put away. Maybe your dog bites at the vet’s office when he’s really anxious. The basket muzzle can be a great tool to help keep everyone safe in a variety of situations. However, it is really important to introduce your dog to a muzzle the right way instead of just slapping it on. Lots of times when dogs bite it’s because they are stressed out. If you place a muzzle on a dog like that and they have never been conditioned to accept it, you are essentially piling on more stress. True, they may not be able to use their teeth at that point, but it’s really important to keep the dog’s internal state in mind.

Watch this video and note how happy Lucy is to stick her nose through the basket muzzle. It only takes a few short training sessions to teach a dog that a muzzle is a good thing!


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