This Thanksgiving, I’m Grateful For Everything About My Dog!

I rarely talk about this publicly anymore, but a few years back Lucy battled mast cell cancer and survived. Since then, I live every day being grateful for having her by my side. Even though each day I look at her and smile and tell her how much I love her, I have never really verbalized the little reasons why she’s so awesome. Here it goes:

  1. Lucy’s the reason why I have a fantastic career as a dog trainer. If it weren’t for the fact that she put me through the wringer when we first adopted her, I might never have found my calling in life.
  2. Her love of people is amazing. She will walk up to drunk people outside the local bar to request petting.
  3. She’s a couch potato.
  4. She hardly ever play bows, but when she does, it puts a grin on my face that stretches from ear to ear.
  5. She smells bad. It’s a stink only a mother could love.
  6. She’s soooo tolerant of bath time.
  7. She loves to train. When she sees the clicker, her face lights up.
  8. She gives the world’s best kisses.
  9. I love the look on her face when she gets her ears massaged.
  10. She survived cancer.


This Thanksgiving, I'm grateful for Lucy.




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