Curing My Dog’s Boredom

Brooklyn is getting colder and winter weather has hit us. My poor girl is starting to develop slight cabin fever (already!), so this evening I gave Lucy a super challenging food puzzle to keep her occupied. I stuffed an entire dehydrated chewy sweet potato skin into her Kong toy – whole! Below is a video of her trying to dig it out.

Just as a side note, that white thing you see off to the side is a great stuffed rat I got at IKEA in Red Hook, Brooklyn which is perfect as a dog training toy, though it’s really meant for kids. It comes in both black and white. Lucy has taken to amputating her rats’ feet. For my clients, it makes for a great reward when training their dogs to do a recall.

As a puppy proofing reminder, if you have a dog that likes to chew on cables or is at the very least interested in them, don’t follow my example of letting extension cords hang out like you see in this video. They are that way in my house because Lucy has never ever been inclined to eat them.


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