Senior Dog Seminar in Brooklyn Tomorrow Night

Lucy is getting up there in age. She supposedly will be turning 8-years-old next year. And though she may not be considered elderly, she has battled cancer and she just had her first Senior Wellness vet visit. She’s also moving slower now than she did before.

We all want our dogs to age gracefully. Tomorrow, FIDO is presenting a seminar in Brooklyn specifically geared towards how to care for our dogs that are getting a little older.

FIDO In Prospect Park Presents
Senior Dog Seminar – “50’s now the new 40’s
When: Thursday, October 15th
Where: Ethical Culture Society (PPWest at 1st St)
Time: 7 p.m to 9 p.m.

Everything you wanted to know about the health and well being of your senior dog or for those curious about what’s down the road. If you love dogs, you will find this to be a highly informative evening.

A presentation by Nancy Keness, licensed physical therapist as well as  certified canine rehabilitation therapist. There will be lots of time reserved for Q & A.

$5 for FIDO Members
$10 for non-members


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