Attention All Greenwood Heights & South Park Slope, Brooklyn Dog Owners:

We need your help and support in building a legal dog run in our neighborhood. The South Slope Dog Association is working hard to rally support from the Community Board, Parks Department, and Brooklyn Commissioner to create a safe, enclosed environment for the dogs in Park Slope and Greenwood Heights to roam. Check out this recent article published in the Brooklyn Paper on the efforts thus far.

The South Slope Dog Association is also planning on hosting their first community outreach event on November 1st from 2PM to 4PM to teach Park Slope dog owners and non-dog owners how to build a tree pit guard. The event will be held at the community garden on 15th Street and 6th Avenue. People will learn how they can become active participants in the Million Trees Program as well as about proper tree maintenance. Tree guards are important for preventing dogs from eliminating on and therefore harming the trees that grow in our neighborhood. This is a great way for the Greenwood Heights and Park Slope dog community to illustrate to the non-dog community that we are dedicated to keeping the environment safe for both people and canines.

If interested in attending, please RSVP to


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