A Place To Roam For Dogs In South Slope, Brooklyn

As a dog trainer, I stress the importance of having a properly socialized dog all the time. With Lucy, whom I adopted at 3.5 years of age and already undersocialized at that point with other dogs, I know how difficult it can be. Therefore, I always tell my clients to find a safe environment where their young and impressionable canines can roam free and develop strong social skills.

Unfortunately for my Brooklyn dog training clients in the South Slope and Greenwood Heights area, the options are beyond limited. They’re non-existent unless you count the morning off-leash hours at Prospect Park… and getting there can be a trek for some. Not to mention, there are some dogs that just aren’t suitable for off-leash play in a non-enclosed environment. So, the community lacks any legal outdoor dog park and residents who rejoice in watching their pups romp free are forced to take their dogs off-leash in areas where they can get ticketed for doing so.

I met Pam and her dog this morning while walking Lucy, who told me there’s a movement in the neighborhood to form a proper dog run. How exciting! Hearing this, I told her I’d be more than happy to help in any way, including offering free Ask The Trainer events if this plan comes to fruition.

If you’d like to get involved, start by signing the petition: South Slope Dog Owners Association.


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