Training My Dog To Turn On The Lights

Recently I posted a video of Lucy closing the kitchen cabinet door and commented that I would be teaching Lucy to turn on the lights pretty soon. Well, I finally sunk twenty bucks into getting a Lite Extender. I was so excited last night when I came home to find that my boyfriend had installed it. I thought I would get a few good training sessions in with Lucy teaching her this new task. Of course, the smart dog that she is, learned it in about a minute’s time. We are still perfecting it, but here’s a little preview.

Having taught her to perform a few household chores already, I’m starting to think that training dogs for service work would be great fun. I’m also thinking one day it would be wonderful to be able to create a dog training class specifically geared towards teaching dogs to help with the work around the house.

In case some of you are wondering how I taught Lucy this trick, I used a technique called Targeting, which you can read more about on the Karen Pryor Clicker Training site.


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