Dog Care Advice from Brooklyn’s FIDO Organization

…echos my feelings on leaving dogs tied up outside. I just received an email from them which read:

Beware Dogs Tied to Parking Meters.

Don’t leave your dog on a parking meter for any reason. See our homepage at (under Barkings…)  why this is not a good idea.

Give dogs tied to parking meters a wide birth! Dogs left outside stores may be stressed; politeness may be the last thing on their minds. Keep your dogs and especially your children out of reach, no matter how benign the dog looks.

Only yesterday, in Cobble Hill, a Golden left on a parking meter tore into a much smaller dog who was passing by on-leash. By the time the small dog’s owner got control of her dog (who had dashed for the safety of the street) the Golden’s owner had collected their dog and disappeared!

On a similar note, a Brooklyn dog training colleague of mine came across this blog authored by an obvious dog lover and talented photographer: Dogblog. This blogger takes beautiful snapshots of dogs  that he encounters on a daily basis. Unfortunately, if you’re wise to canine body language, you’ll see that a number of the pups that are shown tied up outside of stores show signs of stress.

If interested in learning how to better read your dog and what their body is conveying, check out this enlightening article from the ASPCA: Canine Body Language. A solid understanding of what your dog is trying to tell you will help you make wiser decisions about them.


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