Keeping Dog Training in Perspective

I’ve been working some difficult cases recently. Dogs with fear issues or who are reactive to other dogs can have a hard time coping in a New York City environment. Modifying these challenging behaviors can test any dog owner’s patience, especially when we live in a city where the expectation and the norm is to get what you want and to get it fast. To help keep things in perspective and to help dog owners realize the fruits of their very hard labor, as small as they sometimes may seem, I’ve started to suggest to clients the idea of keeping a training journal.

If you are currently working with your dog to overcome some challenges, consider jotting down brief notes everyday to keep track of progress.¬† It always helps to open your journal to page one and ultimately realize how far you’ve actually come, especially when you’re feeling discouraged. That can be the best positive reinforcement for any dog owner.

Give it try and good luck training!


2 thoughts on “Keeping Dog Training in Perspective

  1. What do you do to help you dog walk nicely and not be scared of everything?

    My mother-in-laws dog is king of the hill at home (female other two dos are male) but on a walk she is scared of everything.

    • Hi Rick, It can be very challenging to work with a fearful dog. It is hard for me to give solid advice without knowing her, but if she’s really fearful, it is best to seek the help of a Certified Professional Dog Trainer or a Behaviorist. One thing you can try is to make the inside for the dog a boring place and all good things in life are delivered outdoors. Hopefully, she will form a positive association with the outside world.

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