So, How Do You Get Your Dog To Give Paw?

I realize that a lot of people stumble upon this website because they are actually looking for instructions on how to teach their dog to offer them their paw. Well, here it is. Below is a video demonstrating how you can clicker train* your dog to do just that.

Just to give you a better picture of what I did, here are the steps that I took:

First, I placed my fist with a treat in it up to her nose. She sniffed my hand to see if she could get the treat with her mouth. When she realized that using her mouth wouldn’t work, she lifted her paw. I clicked and rewarded her by opening my fist and letting her eat the treat from my hand. I repeated the process several times and when I felt she was ready, I moved on to the next phase. I then offered her an empty fist. When she gave me her paw, I clicked and delivered a reward from my other hand. Finally, I added the verbal cue, “Paw”.

* To learn more about clicker training visit Karen Pryor’s website.


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