Deprived No More!

Lucy savors her deer hoof.

Lucy savors her deer hoof.

Often times I act like a kid in a candy store when I walk into a pet supply retailer. So many goodies for me to buy and take home to my dog. It’s even better when I discover a new food product that Lucy’s sensitive stomach can handle.

I have been forever envious of doggie parents who can freely dole out bully sticks, flossies, pigs’ ears, and cow hooves* to satisfy their pups’ chewing needs. I have not been able to give Lucy any of those items because of her food allergies and I have to admit it saddens me to deprive her.

However, I am thrilled to say she is deprived no more! Yesterday’s trip to Petropolis, an awesome pet supply store in downtown Manhattan, resulted in a grand discovery. Pet food company, ZiwiPeak, now offers “Deer Hoofers,” smoked and dried deer hooves made from New Zealand Venison – the exact protein Lucy is allowed to eat. As you can see from the photo, Lucy gives the hooves two paws up.

Many dogs with food allergies are on a Venison diet. If that’s your dog, I highly suggest you try this product.

* Always make sure that your dog is supervised when gnawing on these items and take away those chews that have been worn down to the size of a choking hazard.


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